Brine Cheese and How Immersion Used to Cool the Product

Brine Cheese and Immersion

Brined cheese sometimes known as pickled cheese are produced in many varieties. In general, they are described as rind less, white, and have a clean, salty, acidic taste. Brined cheese refers to the process used to mature the cheese.immersion-cheese-brine-16

The cheese is submerged in a brine solution and kept in an airtight or semi-permeable container. This is the most popular way of producing cheese in hot and humid climates. The brine preserves the cheese, and prevents unwanted bacterial growth. Brine is also used in washed rind cheese. This type of cheese is periodically submerged in a brine wash or another mold bearing agent such as wine, or beer. This type of brining allows certain types of bacteria to thrive providing distinct flavors and odors desired by the maker. This type of brining also creates a thick rust colored rind encasing the cheese.immersion-cheese-brine-15